What are the upfront costs of going solar?

The answer: NOTHING. 🤯 If it sounds too good to be true, let me explain… Let’s say you don’t have solar and you’re buying power from the electric company. When you buy your own solar system, you are now generating your OWN power. That means, instead of paying the electric company, you just pay off your solar. So it’s kind of like switching payments from the electric company to your solar loan, BUT (here’s where it gets good) because solar produces much more energy for much less, the amount you are paying monthly for your solar loan is less than your previous electric bill. AND once you’re system is paid off (in about 6-7 years), then POOF!💨 No more electric bills and FREE power! Also, you’re saving the earth by going green, and we think that’s kind of a big deal.



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